Argos is a British retailer established in 1973 and has 883 locations. It's unique in having little to no merchandise on display, customers shop using a catalogue instead. This means sectors of the market are unware of their full, massive, range.


Our brief was to create a series of 30s Spotify ads targeted at college students, using data tracker to refer to specific playlist styles and make Argos front of mind for all their college essentials.

Can Opener

"A script can really benefit from a distinctive phrase and here ‘jab it and jab it and jab it’ is brilliantly delivered by an overly sincere voice over.

First Class degree with honours for creatives Sophia Kossoski and Rohit Tharakan"



These were out first live radio ads and they went on to win the Aerial Awards. Judges Nicholas Hulley and Nadja Lossgott had the following to say:

…of all those shortlisted it was the freshest, simplest and most evocative. It starts with a self-aware point: that there is something worse than interrupting your playlist with an ad for a £5 can opener. Potentially, this is a triggering gambit. But the droll delivery and the well-written escalation of an even-worse case scenario – of not having a £5 can opener at all – pulls the conceit off.



"This ad also uses its 30 seconds very well. Radio can be a self-indulgent medium but this packs in enough escalation to get the point across without trying to do so much that it becomes overwhelming. As a result, by the end, while you are very much aware of £5 can openers and other uni essentials from Argos, you are not resentful that your playlist was interrupted. So, well done."