Brazil has been in political turmoil for over 5 years. The first peak of the crisis was the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff. This illustration series supports various politicians that opposed the act and students who let occupations around the country.

Together the images had around 8 million impressions social media. They were the central imagery of various protests and some of them were licensed for t-shirts - with the money raised being donated to the victims of the Mariana Dam Disaster. The drawing of President Dilma was included in a book of illustrations made by women in her support, which was hand-delivered to her.

I was personally invited to meet Congressman Jean Wyllys and later President Rousseff when they visited London as a thank you for the support.

Jean Web copy.png
Dilma Web copy.png
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(She signed it!)

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Camila Web copy.png
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Images were initially shared on my Facebook profile and closed Facebook Group. I went to sleep and because of the UK-Brazil time difference woke up to over a thousand notifications.

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One of the most prominent Congressman of Brazil, Jean Wyllys, initially shared the image, then used as his profile picture across social media platforms. The picture was used as the backdrop in an act of support. In the march that followed people wore red scarfs and roses, echoing my drawing.

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By then media at large and students had picked up and the image was everywhere. A London protest group asked to use the image and distribute it accross their network to Paris, Argentina, EUA, Netherlands and more.

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